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We predominantly develop and distribute software to the producers of recipe-based products, including manufacturers from the food and beverage industries. One of our flagship software products is GRS SIGNUM, which is a highly specialized application for the development and labeling of recipe-based products. Our solutions GRS LIMS, GRS Complaints management and GRS PLM can either be used as an additional module to GRS SIGNUM or as stand-alone applications.


Ingredient labeling, Allergen labeling, Nutrition labeling, Specification management
...and much more.


Our Laboratory Information Management System generates your analyses, evaluations and reports on demand.

GRS Complaints management

With our Complaints management you can gather all complaints from food retailers, final consumers and suppliers.


Our solution for Product Lifecycle Management provides the optimal supplement to the GRS SIGNUM Modul Product development.


...innovative and flexible.

Our solution GRS SIGNUM simplifies your daily work. GRS SIGNUM can be used as a stand-alone solution or can be integrated into an existing ERP system. It provides the automated implementation of all quality requirements. You do not only improve your processes, but also optimize your products.

The principle: ingredient labeling, compilation of product data sheets, calculation of nutritional information, allergen labeling and gathering of GMO relevant data

With GRS SIGNUM you can handle these tasks efficiently. To comply with regulations, gui-delines and laws is getting much easier. Your data is standardized, while the risk of errors is minimized.

GRS SIGNUM  can be used as a cross company information system, location independent and transnationally. Ensure the consistent quality of your products around the world. Respond  quickly and targeted to deviations and optimize your processes.

GRS SIGNUM integrates easily into your software architecture. GRS SIGNUM can be coupled with an upstream ERP system as well as with downstream applications (eg webshop) via a defined data interface. This allows regular data synchronization and avoid manual data maintenance. In addition, we also supply downstream systems on a case-by-case basis in real time. All systems are on the same data level. We have many years of experience in the connection of common ERP systems.

GRS SIGNUM is network-compatible and has a modular design. In addition to the basic modules, additional modules exist for a wide variety of requirements:

Basic module

The basic module offers the following functions:

Additional modules

Additional modules can be added any time, when and if you need them.

Additional modules - stand-alone modules

The software solutions GRS LIMS, GRS Complaints management und GRS Product lifecycle management can either be used as an  additional module to GRS SIGNUM or as an independant application.


Laboratory Information Management System

The LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) software can be used as an independent application. Of course, it is also possible to expand the GRS SIGNUM software with the laboratory software GRS LIMS. GRS LIMS is used to depict all important processes in a laboratory from receiving the sample to the creation of the analysis certificate.

Via flexible configuration options, the software can be adapted to individual processes and tasks. In addition to that, data from upstream systems (enterprise resource systems, extracted data from analysis equipment ...) can be imported. Various data formats (XLS, DOC, TXT, CSV ...) can also be imported in consultation with your laboratories.
Using the ReportDesigner, any number of analyses and analysis scopes can be printed (e.g. as an analysis certificate) or exported as a data file. It is possible to create individual gathering templates for each type of test where you also define how many analysis values or analysis parameters shall be gathered. There is also the possibility of defining minimum/maximum/default values as a reference which check the manually entered analysis values for plausibility.
An individual design section provides for the comprehensive assessment of all data gathered. Just enter the relevant parameters and read the trends for the analyzed values at any time. This allows quick and simple statements on the quality of the raw materials received. A comparison of suppliers or laboratories is also possible.

GRS Complaints management

The complaints management software can either be used as an independent application or as a module to GRS SIGNUM. With this software you can gather all incoming and outgoing complaints (final consumer, food retailers, bulk consumers, service providers, carriers, suppliers). Of course, it is also possible to include internal complaints about in-house goods and services. Finally, you can assess the data according to your own specifications. This will put you in the position of detecting error sources or the accumulation of errors as soon as possible and to initiate appropriate actions. Trend analyses can also be compiled and/or a graphical depiction on the complaints received can be made.
The following elements will be included:
  • Gathering of various types of complaints (from customers, suppliers, etc)
  • Individual design of gathering templates depending on the type of complaint
  • Filtering and assessment of the data entered
  • Complaint forms and statistical reports as well as graphical evaluations can be designed for each type of complaint


Product Lifecycle Management

The GRS PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) module can either be used as an independent application or as an additional module to GRS SIGNUM and its product development module. The following elements will be included:

  • Definition of workflows using milestones
  • Expansion of the “normal” release procedures with the defined milestones
  • Definition of tasks to be handled successively or parallel
  • Definition of users/groups responsible for the individual tasks
  • Definition of timeframes for the completion of individual items
  • Quick survey on the status of every order
  • Automatic transfer of stop points after tasks have been completed
  • Cockpit function for users to monitor their own, not yet completed tasks

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Detailed Overview

Basic Module

Calculation of nutritional value

Meat products

Product development

& Processes

Product optimization


Risk management


GRS Complaints


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Take advantage of getting an insight into the performance of our software in an online demonstration. All you need is a PC connected to the internet and the  TeamViewer tool QuickSupport.

Of course, we are also available to demonstrate our solutions in your company.

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