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Product specification

Based on the raw material data stored, GRS SIGNUM can do various calculations on a recipe level. Apart from calculating lists of ingredients, allergen situations or GMO evaluations on a recipe level, GRS SIGNUM provides more options for the gathering of data or documents.

These, in turn, can be the basis for further reports which then serve as specification for the final products.

The documents generated can also be versionized to provide for active specifications management in which the individual user within his or her user rights can access the data which has been verified and approved by the quality assurance department.

Any data structures can be defined on the recipe, raw material and packaging level where you can also store the respective information. For example, it is possible to store packaging, palletizing or production data for final products which are then printed in a specification document.

A key user can easily define the desired entry fields. It is also possible to define user rights (view only and/or edit) for each field.

Within the scope of the evaluation process, targeted queries and evaluations on certain subjects can be conducted for the entire product range. Layout and filtering of data can be individually set with the ReportBuilder.


Specifications, reports & evaluations

Allocate user rights to control who may view and print which reports and documents.

State whether only versionized documents with approved contents shall be displayed.

Practice active document management and request reports on expired documents.

The reports can be output at any time in PDF, Word or HTML format. These files can then be used as a basis for e.g. cash register systems for online queries of nutritional and allergen information. The HTML format is, in particular, suitable for automated maintenance of a web presentation.

Take advantage of the batch print function to print a combination of documents for selected products on paper or into a file.

GRS SIGNUM is a central database which can be accessed from various departments. This guarantees that the information to be passed on is always up-to-date.