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Individual software

The development of customer-specific software starts when standard software reaches its limits. Our software solutions will help to speed up work processes and increase their quality and efficiency.

In the implementation of individual solutions, we attach great importance to:

  • a precise analysis of the current state of the respective requirements. In cooperation with you we will define and develop the scope of performance of the software to be programmed.
  • developing a user-friendly and fast solution; this is one key aspect of our work when it comes to implementing your requirements. This results in achieving high acceptance and minimized training.
  • providing solutions so that you can easily adapt the new software to changing requirements in your company without having to rely on our services for such an adaptation.
  • We ensure that our software is not totalitarian software but will be comprehensively documented and programmed in a stable fashion.

We have already put many such projects into practice with users from different industrial sectors. Here are some examples:

  • GRS SIGNUM - a highly specialized application for the development and labeling of recipe-based products.
  • GRS TGM (technical equipment management) for the comprehensive management of technical machines, equipment and lines.
  • An individual enterprise resource planning software for manufacturers and traders of medical devices.
  • Accounting software for car traders with links to websites.
  • Accounting software with connection to truck weighbridges at a gravel plant.
  • A calculation program for a company using water jet cutting machines.

These are just a few examples from a long list. We bring with us a lot of experience from different fields. Please contact us if your company is planning special software projects. We will be pleased to advise you.