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Allergen labeling

GRS SIGNUM offers the option of managing allergens under various aspects. On the one hand, you can distinguish between EU, ALBA and ingredient while the latter one is relevant in terms of evaluations according to the German Regulation on the Use of Additives. On the other hand, it is possible to determine for each allergen whether limiting values are to be applied or not.

You maintain the allergen status for each individual raw material and every individual supplier in the database. GRS SIGNUM can be configured freely based on your requirements so that either only data from standard suppliers or data from all active suppliers is used for calculating the allergen status. In this way it is possible to depict a worst-case scenario.

GRS SIGNUM allows individual production lines to be defined and the recipes processed on these lines. The system automatically calculates possible cross-contamination. Added to that the cleaning status (before/after) can be stated for each recipe which also affects the calculation of traces.

Certain allergens in the ingredients, recipes or production lines can be retrieved easily and in a targeted fashion. Added to that it is possible to set up a history of the raw material-allergen situation and to compare different data sets with each other. This makes GRS SIGNUM an excellent information system for possible crisis management tasks.


Raw materials

Store the allergen status of raw materials by raw material/supplier and keep the overview on whether and when the specification data for a particular raw material has already been stored in the database.

When defining a raw material, you can state whether the allergen needs to be declared explicitly. This becomes necessary if the list of ingredients alone does not allow a conclusion to be drawn on the allergen (e.g. mustard in spices).

At this point, a quantity value stated by the supplier can be entered here which is then used for the calculations on a recipe level.



GRS SIGNUM offers a comprehensive allergen management system.

  • Immediate overview on the allergen situation of a recipe

  • Individually designed reports which can also immediately be output as PDF files

  • Calculation of allergens that may be present at a production line. Based on the evaluations, improvements can easily be considered and conducted within the scope of the allergen consideration

  • Company-wide dissolution of allergen occurrence, whether they are due to traces from the pre-suppliers or your production or are present as such

  • Comparison of raw material data sets from different periods. This allows an assessment as to whether the allergen situation of raw materials has improved or not