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This module allows to define the criteria of certain product groups and individual recipes that have to be complied with. The criteria can refer to nutritional values, ingredients, allergens or any combination thereof.

They can also be collected specifically for individual countries or regions.

A comparison between criteria and actual values will be provided in an individual frame. This is an easy way for you to review the suitability or marketability of your products. Legal regulations, customer requirements or your own quality criteria for a more flexible application can be gathered here.

The following elements will be included:

  • Definition of profiles as a combination of individual criteria
  • Combination of profiles in profile groups
  • Allocation of profiles and profile groups to product groups, existing recipes and product development tests
  • Differentiation between mandatory limiting values and warning values which should be observed whenever possible
  • Comparison of target and actual values with color coding and evaluation summary

For more information on this module, please refer to our comprehensive product information that can be downloaded as a PDF file here.