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Product and raw materials specifications

In general, there are two ways to create and maintain product and raw materials specifications:


1. Make use of the GRS SIGNUM web portal

The GRS SIGNUM web portal allows for the online data transfer from suppliers as well as for the convenient management of product specifications (information on ingredients, allergens, nutritional facts, GMO, origin, etc.) and any other relevant documentation (e.g. organic, kosher and halal certificates). After a specification has been released, it is sent to the GRS SIGNUM software by the push of a button.

Release system, work flow, versioning, automatic email notification, import of data and many other functions ensure that a lot of time and costs are saved and that data transmission errors are avoided compared to the manual gathering of specification data.


2. Make use of the GRS SIGNUM Connector

The GRS SIGNUM Connector has the task of transferring raw material specification data automatically and in a consistent format from the producer to the processing company as long as the latter also applies GRS SIGNUM. Specification details of ingredients, allergens, nutritional values, GMO, microbiology, etc. will be compared based on own or customer article numbers. The GRS SIGNUM Connector can be used as a stand-alone solution or as a module within the GRS SIGNUM software.

It is not necessary for the customer to gather the specification data manually. This provides many potential savings for the recipient of the data regarding the maintenance effort. Added to that, it can be seen at any time who has generated the data and when and whether the data meets all food legislation requirements.

Already available data can be automatically imported into the stand-alone version of the GRS SIGNUM Connector via a respectively configured interface. Alternatively, it is possible to gather or maintain individual specification data manually.

Via the GRS SIGNUM Connector, suppliers can provide standardized, coded data packets for each customer and transfer them electronically quickly and easily. One special feature is that the proportions of ingredients in a raw materials or product can be transferred anonymized. This means that only the original order of ingredients is kept but the recipient of the data cannot see the precise composition.


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