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GRS Software GmbH is a member of various associations and societies. To us, this is the perfect opportunity of keeping up-to-date with current food industry events and topics. By frequently exchanging information with different organizations, we are able to review the topicality of our software solutions in terms of new laws and regulations. Added to that, from these contacts we derive more information on what the key personnel in the companies expects from advanced software. Currently we are members of:


AGF - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Getreideforschung e. V., 32756 Detmold

BBGG e. V. - Berlin-Brandenburgische Gesellschaft für Getreideforschung e. V., 13353 Berlin

BVDF - Bundesverband der Deutschen Fleischwarenindustrie e. V., 53113 Bonn

GDL - Gesellschaft Deutscher Lebensmitteltechnologen e. V., 60489 Frankfurt am Main

KIN - Lebensmittelinstitut KIN e. V., 24537 Neumünster

LAFF e. V. - Lemgoer Arbeitskreis Fleisch + Feinkost, 32657 Lemgo