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Ingredient labeling

Master data from an existing EPR system such as recipes, raw materials and suppliers’ information can be imported into the GRS SIGNUM software. This lets you avoid multiple data maintenance, reduce incorrect data entries and ensure synchronous data.

You maintain the ingredients for each individual raw material and every individual supplier in the database. The ingredient terms are retrieved from catalogues stored in the program in order to prevent errors or double and multiple entries. It is also possible to translate the name of the ingredients into the languages stored in the system.

All ingredients used can be gathered here, even the ones that do not need to be labeled. This gives the quality assurance department the best overview on all of the raw materials used.

It is easy to retrieve detailed information on certain raw material components. GRS SIGNUM is an excellent information system not only for the crisis management department (for example, if a general warning message is issued for a certain ingredient) but also for supporting the purchasing department (in case the price for a certain ingredient changes on the market).


Raw materials

Store the composition of raw materials by raw material and/or supplier and keep an overview on whether and when the specification data for a particular raw material has already been stored in the database.

State for each raw material whether the individual ingredients need to be declared or not because of lack of technological effect. At this point, it is also possible to enter the origin of the ingredient as well as the place of processing. This information can then be retrieved for the corresponding reports or evaluations.



GRS SIGNUM offers a comprehensive management system for lists of ingredients.


  • Automatic recognition of category names and the correct sorting into the list of ingredients

  • Individual sorting options for values below 2%.

  • Arranging of QUID information according to your specifications. Individual selection of value, format and positioning

  • Declaration of directly present allergens

  • Recalculation to the fresh product (e.g. dried skimmed milk => skim milk)

  • Replacement/shifting of ingredients

  • Conversion formulae

  • Pooling of positions into groups

  • Pooling in the summary

  • Consideration of intermediate products

  • All items mentioned above can be selected language-specifically