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Originally the GRS SIGNUM software was developed in cooperation with an international producer of baked goods. Right from the beginning, it had to meet a large number of requirements. These ranged from a multi-language program interface, going through to an unlimited number of various languages and ending with a detailed allocation of user rights including change history. GRS SIGNUM can be used as a stand-alone solution or can be integrated into an existing ERP system. In the past, we have successfully implemented this software into many installations by embedding it into the architecture of the different software prevalent in the food industry via the respective interfaces.

GRS SIGNUM is network-compatible and has a modular design. The basic module offers the following functions:

You can add other modules/functions at any time, when and if you need them.

The main program features of the basic module include:

  • Consolidation of all ingredients present, from recipes and their sub recipes with any number of sub stages.
  • Differentiation between intermediate and finished products in terms of different labeling obligations for individual raw materials or ingredients.
  • Recursive break down of constituents in mixtures (e.g. sourdough).
  • Automatic computation of all lists (ingredients/allergens) in all language variations.
  • Possibility of data consolidation of joint numbers in case of heterogeneous company situations in terms of raw materials and suppliers.
  • Possibility of a cross-company (client) breakdown of raw materials which could possibly represent a recipe in another product facility.
  • Comprehensive change management system.
  • Use of GRS SIGNUM as a cross company information system due to the sophisticated handling of user rights.
  • Compilation of product data sheets.
  • Calculation of allergen information for production lines or units.

For more information on this module, please refer to our comprehensive product information that can be downloaded as a PDF file here.