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How do you ensure that GRS SIGNUM is always up-to-date in terms of legislation and regulations?

Within the scope of our membership in various organizations, via external advisors and the constant contact to our users, we are always well informed and able to adapt our GRS SIGNUM software to new requirements.


Does GRS SIGNUM comply with the requirements of the new Food Information Regulation?

It is already possible to gather or calculate more nutritional values with GRS SIGNUM than the seven nutritional elements required by Regulation 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers. It is also possible to store information on the origin of raw materials in GRS SIGNUM and retrieve it if needed. With our GRS SIGNUM software we are always close to the action.


If an ingredient is present in a recipe with less than 2%, the individual components (except additives and allergens) do not need to be labeled. Can GRS SIGNUM handle this situation appropriately?

Yes, it can. When you define the ingredients you can state how the individual components shall be evaluated/labeled.


How do users get hold of new functions of GRS SIGNUM?

Generally, updates will be made available via the internet. The version of GRS SIGNUM installed in the user’s company will recognize during the start whether a new version is available on the internet. The user is then asked whether this version shall be downloaded. However, the download function requires the respective user rights. Download and subsequent steps are automatized. Upon completion, the user is informed about the latest version and gets the message that he can now proceed with his work.


Is GRS SIGNUM able to compile an overview of all allergens contained in a particular product, even if they are present in traces only?

In general, yes: The software identifies allergens present in a particular raw material based on the raw material specification. It is also possible to allocate individual recipes to one production line. As the software knows about the previous use of the production line under consideration, it can identify possible allergen traces and take them into consideration as a carry over. Such an overview can be generated in the form of a report and depicted in any design.


Some products are made separately so that there are no allergenic risks from other articles. Is it possible to depict this in GRS SIGNUM as well?

Yes, it is possible. The information on a wet cleaning process (before or after) can be provided for each product allocated to a certain production line. It can also be stated whether a certain product will be produced on a separate day. GRS SIGNUM will take this information into consideration and react accordingly.


How does GRS SIGNUM compute the energy value (calories) of recipes?

The commonly applicable computational formula of the German database on nutritional values (BLS) is the basis for the calculation. Based on the raw material data, the calorie-providing components proteins, fats, carbohydrates, sugar alcohols, organic acids, alcohols and dietary fibers will be added up according to certain factors in a formula and/or their effect to the recipe calculated. In case of missing raw material information (if your supplier provides only the BIG 4), the user can access the BLS via GRS SIGNUM and copy the values provided. The calculation on nutritional values also states the source of the nutritional data.  


Is it possible to have several QUID statements in a list of ingredients in different formats?

Yes, this is possible. The QUID declaration can be set or activated separately for each ingredient (Quid declaration before or after the name of the ingredient, number of decimal places, commercial rounding or “cut off”).


Is it possible to manage a line of products with GRS SIGNUM?

Yes, this is possible. In this case the product ranges are distinguished by units (number) or weight (pieces cut).


Is it possible to recalculate (rehydrated) powders or other dry mixes with GRS SIGNUM when compiling a list of ingredients?

With the use of integrated recalculation formulae, the user can influence the calculation of the list of ingredients or request a recalculation.


Is it possible to import raw material information provided by the supplier automatically/electronically?

Yes, it is possible. Apart from the common manual data maintenance we also offer other alternatives for the storage of information on purchased raw materials:

Online: The GRS SIGNUM user makes a web portal available to his supplier. Following a registration process and log-in, the supplier can enter his raw material specification including article information. Added to that, pictures, documents, certificates, etc. can be stored there as well. A complete history including authorization is established. The GRS SIGNUM user can then decide what data he wants to include/activate or reject.

Offline: The supplier does not apply GRS SIGNUM. He has in place the GRS SIGNUM Connector module in which he can manage specifications and make data extracts electronically available.

Offline: The supplier also uses GRS SIGNUM. A communication between GRS SIGNUM applications is of course also possible.


Is it possible to expand data structures, in particular, for product information or nutritional values, by more categories or data fields?

Yes, you can do this even without our help. You just need to have the corresponding user rights.


Recently we have exported our products into countries with different writing systems (Greece and/or Belarus) and our specification must be compiled in that writing system as well. Is that possible with GRS SIGNUM?

Yes, because the GRS SIGNUM software is Unicode enabled. All characters can be gathered and depicted, including Arabic symbols.


Up to now spices were only declared as “spices”. However, spices that contain paprika shall be declared and included as QUID information since the product is a paprika salami. Is this possible?

Yes, with only a few mouse clicks, you can adjust the respective recipe in a way that your paprika is depicted as desired.