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Complaints management

The complaints management software can either be used as an independent application or as a module to GRS SIGNUM. With this software you can gather all incoming and outgoing complaints (final consumer, food retailers, bulk consumers, service providers, carriers, suppliers). Of course, it is also possible to include internal complaints about in-house goods and services. Finally, you can assess the data according to your own specifications. This will put you in the position of detecting error sources or the accumulation of errors as soon as possible and to initiate appropriate actions. Trend analyses can also be compiled and/or a graphical depiction on the complaints received can be made.

The following elements will be included:

  • Gathering of various types of complaints (from customers, suppliers, etc)
  • Individual design of gathering templates depending on the type of complaint
  • Filtering and assessment of the data entered
  • Complaint forms and statistical reports as well as graphical evaluations can be designed for each type of complaint

For more information on this module, please refer to our comprehensive product information that can be downloaded as a PDF file here.